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The Gascoyne is the top of the hard floor range and it's loaded with features.

Enjoy the great outdoors and then come back to camp for a hot shower using the Gascoyne’s Truma hot water service. You will go further as this camper is fully equipped with 2 gas bottles, 2 batteries that are fed by the integrated battery management system (BMS), and a huge 120 litre water tank.

The Gascoyne has a unique galley style kitchen with swing away 2 burner Smev stove, floating chopping boards and sink, over a large stainless steel trough. This kitchen uses space very efficiently and is also useful for cleaning clothes, gutting fish or even filling with beer and ice after a long day on the road. (Or choose your own kitchen from the Pioneer range to customise your Gascoyne) . With the upsized 135 litre pantry as standard and extra large 600 litre fridge storage box, everything is set to cook up an outback feast.

Open the roof with ease with winch assistance and relax under the huge 2.4 meter awning while enjoying your favourite tunes using the MP3 ready multimedia system with internal and external speakers.

Need more room? You can now carry more on your upsized 200mm deep external front storage rack. While the Hitchmaster DO35 off-road coupling will ensure your camper is always in your rear view mirror.

The Solar Reflective Blanket will improve the temperature inside the tent, while you’re A, B and C walls increase the draft free area surrounding the kitchen. 

$52,495.00 *


Gascoyne Specifications

Body Length: 2900mm
Body Width: 1850mm
Overall Length:  4950mm
Travel Height: 1435mm
Internal Living: 5.3 x 1.7m
Bed Size: Queen
Tare Weight: 1135 kg
Towball Weight:  130 kg
Rim Size:  16 x 8 inches
Tyre Size: 265 / 75 / R16 

Standard Features

Interior,Comfort & Entertainment

The Gascoyne incorporates a full size inner spring queen mattress sitting on a slatted bed that promotes air circulation so you won't get hot at night. There’s also a handy 20 litre bedhead storage compartment for your personal affects. The bed lifts up on gas struts to reveal 560 litres of storage space plus a drop in storage box adding an additional 130 litres, so you wont run out of storage room. There's nothing like a hot shower after a long walk. This is easy with the Gascoynes' incorporation of a Truma gas hot water system that feeds hot water to the kitchen and shower. Like to listen to music while preparing a meal? The Gascoyne has a 3 speaker multimedia sound system that can be operated inside and outside the camper. RV Media CD Tuner with USB, SD card and Bluetooth inputs, an exterior remote control and USB charging ports for your portable devices. Two personal LED stork lights, 240V outlets and USB charging outlets flank each side of the queen mattress. The passenger side USB outlet also receives data from your MP3 player so you can play your favourite tunes through the campers' speakers. At the end of the bed you'll also conveniently find another 240V, 12V and USB charging outlet.

PIO_0250.jpg PIO_0363.jpg PIO_0412.jpg PIO_0206.jpg

Fridge Box

The Gascoyne comes standard with a huge 600 litre fridge storage box which can be accessed from both sides of the camper. The box comes complete with slides for your fridge, a handy LED stork light and a particle air filter to maintain circulation but minimise dust. The box has 12V and 240V outlets so you can connect your fridge and other appliances with ease, and is conveniently located in close proximity to the kitchen.


Recommended Fridges:


ARB: 35L, 47L, 60L, 78L
Engel: MD14F, MT35FP, MR40F, MT45FCP, MT45FG, MT45FP, MT60FP
Everkool: ED40, KOOLMATE IB31, KOOLMATE IB40, IB18, RV25, RV35, BCD30, BCD4, BCD60, RF040, RF047
Waeco: CFX-35, CFX-40, CF-50, CD-50DZ, CF-35, CF-45, CDF-35, CDF-45, CF-25, TC-21, CF-18, T-14FL, CDF-11, CFX-50


Recommended fridges based on standard fridges without accessories (ie. fridge bags).
Fridge sizes subject to change at manufacturers discretion.


Being a hard floor camper means setting up for the night is easy. Opening the roof is seamless with the use of the front mounted winch. The roof opens to become the floor, giving a huge interior footprint of 1.7 by 2.6 meters. The tent roof is Dynaproofed to 14.9 Oz and walls to 10.9 Oz, and is Midge and Mosquito proof with mesh screens on all doors and windows. Because the floor sits off the ground, you won't need to worry about water, dirt and other creepy crawlies getting in. The floor has a hard wearing Vinyl layer so it will stand up against the worst the outback will throw at it. The Gascoyne come standard with a solar reflective blanket and A, B and C walls but you can option it up further with D and E wall, a kids room and ensuite, available on all models.

PI2_0079.jpg PIO_0030.jpg PIO_0228.jpg PIO_0037.jpg PIO_0041.jpg PI2_0085.jpg PI2_0076.jpg PI2_0075.jpg PI2_0073.jpg PIO_0296.jpg PIO_0043.jpg PIO_0446.jpg


The range topping Gascoyne comes with a fully equipped roll-out galley style kitchen. This beauty uses a sliding sink and chopping boards to maximise the most amount of space for preparing and cooking food and comes with a 2 burner stove that swings out separately. The kitchen incorporates a cutlery drawer and a tong drawer. It also comes standard with a 3 bin/ 2 drawer,135 litre, slide out pantry that is located in the front storage box, right next to the kitchen. Alternatively, you can select any kitchen you prefer from the Pioneer range.

PIO_0221.jpg PIO_0123.jpg GALLEY-KITCHEN.jpg

Front Storage

The Gascoyne has a 500 litre front storage box that can be accessed from both sides of the camper and includes a tent pole storage compartment, and a separate, enclosed and lockable storage container for 3 jerry cans, of which the front is Rhino coated and doubles as the campers’ stone guard. Also up front is space to secure two 9 kg gas bottle and a 50 litre wood storage box, great if you find fuel for your evening fire along the way. Additionally the Gascoyne now comes standard with an upsized, 200mm deep Roof Storage Rack mounted atop the Fridge Box, perfect for when you have packed the kitchen sink!

PIO_0096.jpg PIO_0100.jpg PIO_0131.jpg PIO_0133.jpg PIO_0136.jpg

Batteries, Power, Lighting & Solar

A good power supply will keep you going further and in more comfort. The Gascoyne is fitted with a full 240V compatible system and two 110 A/H AGM deep cycle batteries. It also has a 1230 Redarc Battery management System which monitors and charges your batteries and regulates solar input, making for a stress free adventure. A lockable box on the passengers side of the camper houses a switched fuse box, that looks after all the power and lighting on the Gascoyne, and a battery management display screen gives real time feedback. A fully installed 1000 watt Pure Sine wave inverter gives you the convenience and comfort of 240V appliances even if you're in the middle of the Nullabor. While personal LED stork lights, 240V outlets and USB charging outlets flank each side of the queen mattress and a step light helps you see your way down when the sun has set.

PIO_0413.jpg PIO_0146.jpg DSC_0103.jpg PIO_0223.jpg PIO_0220.jpg

Body, Chassis & Suspension

Like every camper, the Gascoyne comes standard with a hot dip galvanized chassis for extreme off-road conditions. With fully independent trailing arm suspension rated to 2000 kg, you can have confidence that your camper will track well behind your tow vehicle. A Hitchmaster D035 All-terrain hitch, giving 360 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of oscillation and a 3.5T ATM makes attaching your camper a breeze and finding it still there after a 1000k's of corrugations a certainty. A set of Ridepro 4wd twin tube gas shock absorbers work hard to soak up those harsh corrugations. While at the rear you will also find a hitch receiver that can also be used for recovery or attaching a bike rack, so you can take your mountain bike on your next adventure.

PI2_0055.jpg PIO_0083.jpg PIO_0191.jpg PI2_0056.jpg

Wheels & Brakes

The Gascoyne incorporates a fully electric 12 inch drum brake set-up. Your friends will envy the 16 inch black Alloy rims which run GT Adventuro II all terrain tyres. A matching steel rim spare is stored underneath the camper, and there is the option to add a second spare if need be.



The Gascoyne comes with a huge 120 litre stainless steel, baffled water tank with the option to upgrade with an additional 60 litre auxiliary tank. There's a hand pump which pumps water from the tank and is conveniently placed near the kitchen, perfect for a quick wash up before dinner. And when the kitchen is set up, water is electrically pumped to the sink on demand via the Truma Hot Water system. On the Gascoyne, all water runs through a water filter, and there's a water level indicator inside the camper too so you will always know how much is in the tank.

PIO_0128.jpg PI2_0052.jpg

Options & Accessories

** Pioneer Campers reserve the right to discontinue or change any of the models, prices, colours, materials, equipment or other specifications referred to on this site at any time without notice.
Some of the equipment shown or referred to in this site may only be available as an option at extra cost.

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